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Interactive Fact Book

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Degree Programs and Majors
Graduation and Degrees Conferred
Student Enrollment
Tuition and College Spending
  • Synopsis Of Graduate Degree Programs and Majors

  • Undergrad Degree Programs and Majors 2016
    Synopsis Of Undergraduate Degree Programs and Majors

  • 20 Most Popular Undergraduate Majors

  • Enrollment By School and Attendance Status

  • Average Scholastic Aptitude Test Scores By Admit Type For First-Time Freshman

  • First Time Freshman Admissions Activity

  • Distribution of Admissions Applications & Accepted Offers by State

  • Trends In Total Enrollment

  • Ethnicity of Students

  • Ethnicity Of Students By School

  • Enrollment By Gender, Total College

  • Enrollment By Gender, Graduate Level By School

  • Enrollment By Gender, Undergraduate Level

  • Enrollment By Residence (In-State, Out-Of-State)

  • First to Second Year Retention Rates For Entering Full-Time Freshman By Ethnicity

  • First to Second Year Retention Rates By School

  • 4, 5 & 6 Year Graduation Rates For Entering Freshman By Ethnicity And Gender

  • Degrees Granted By School And Degree Type

  • Employees By IPEDS Occupational Category

  • Employees By Gender

  • Number Of Faculty By Rank And Tenure Status

  • Tenure Status Among Full-Time Tenure Track Faculty

  • Average Salary Of Full-Time Faculty By Rank

  • Statement of Operating Activities

  • Change in Net Assets

  • Externally Sponsored Activities Awarded Grants

  • Undergraduate Tuition, Fees, Room & Board Charges And Annual Rates Of Increase

  • Campus Building Inventory

  • The College Of New Jersey Library

  • The College Of New Jersey Regional, National, And Specialized Accreditors

  • Members Of The Board Of Trustees

  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity / Affirmative Action Statement

  • Mission & Vision

  • At A Glance

  • Enrollment By Major

  • Number of Degrees By School

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Fact Book

clock_original_1024The College of New Jersey, a primarily undergraduate institution, provides academically prepared students with a challenging education through small classes and a prestigious faculty along with a rewarding residential experience.

The Fact Book presents a summary of important current and historical information about The College of New Jersey. It is a single, readily accessible, consistent source of information used by members of the campus community to obtain official information about The College. If you require additional information that is not contained in the Fact Book, please contact our office.

The Fact Book is prepared and published annually by the Center for Institutional Effectiveness.

Fact Books in PDF form:

Fact Book 2017 – 2018